New *Ester Dean* Track Calls out those Twerk Team Captains!!!

ester dean

A few years ago Ester Dean Dropped a Smash hit featuring Chris Brown entitled “Drop it Low”  and it took the internet and club scene by storm. If you didnt know the song just catch a glimpse of the well known Twerk Team Twerking to it in the video below.

This time around Ester Dean attempts to recapture the twerk feel but this time she sports a more gritty song style and almost bites a “Knuck if you Buck” feel. I’m really interested in seeing how this song does with the current climate of music. I’m not sure if I like it yet but if Twerk Team does a video of it, lets just say it may be in this songs best interest.

Hear the new track below. Let me know what you think.

-WalDo B.


Interview with EDM Producer *EleArt* (A Visionary is Born!)


In the Music world today you can’t turn on a radio station without hearing a hit song with major EDM influences. Much like the NBA in any genre of music there is a pecking order. In EDM there are the Pros (e.g. Avicii, Calvin Harris, Tiesto) and then they have College players (e.g. Diplo, Yellow Claw, Caked up) who in america all control the pace and direction of where the music scene goes and how it sounds.

Yet every ever so often you have a chance to come across something unique. Like watching Kobe Bryant playing high school basketball or Tiger Woods as a teenager playing golf, even though they aren’t pros they play with a level of skill that makes it obvious to everyone they got something special.

*EleArt* Has something Special.

Ross Gibson better known by his stage name Eleart which comes from the elvish definition meaning Visionary (“Elear”) is a  22 year old Edm producer who hails from Glasgow, Scotland.  As the Infamous Party Starter I took on the task of seeing what ticks in the mind of an aspiring EDM Musician and tried to understand the person beyond the talents that we hear so often blaring out the speakers of our nightclubs and  car stereos.

I was quick to discover that 808’s and Drops aren’t what makes EDM interesting to EleArt as I asked questions about his music and origin as a artist I began to realize his creative ability stems from a more introverted connection he has with his music.

Waldo Black = WB / EleArt = E

WB- How did your EDM Journey begin and what do you think of the state of current EDM?

He explained; “As a kid growing up I lived in a village there was nothing but fields [and] I rarely got to go out into the city and socialize…” “..for me [EDM] is more like [my] diary where i can portray my thoughts and emotions…” “[I] bought my first production laptop at the age of 18 and ever since I’ve been trying to perfect my own unique styles of different sub genres of EDM.”  [Currently] ” I hate the fact that EDM [or] any genre of music is all now so commercialized and mislead[ing]. There’s no true meaning behind music unless its unsigned or no ones heard of the artist.”

At first glance I took his words harshly and it came off slightly cocky so I needed to know what is this guy about, why is he making music.         To be honest the answer was shocking and I gained more respect for him as a artist.

WB- What is your goal in music?

E-  “my goal with music isn’t really about getting noticed or being famous I mean not that I don’t like meeting new people but to be a superstar international DJ/Producer that everyone knows and approaches on the street isn’t really me.”  He Continued;  I’ve never been one for the spotlight, All I ask is for people to appreciate and relate to my music….” “…In my eyes i guess all i want is for someone to listen.”

Interestingly enough It takes a lot for a aspiring musician to be humble and real. I appreciated his honesty and even gained insight about how in my own music endeavors I could learn a hing or two from this EDM artist ideology.

WB- Who are the influences in your Music?

E- “my influences? [Hahahah] I mean I can’t really say I have influences cause I [try not] to be like anyone else…” “…there are a select few artists I really appreciate though for instance: disclosure, Duke Dumont, Mark Ronson, Kygo, London grammar, M83, Martin Solveig, Passion pit,route 94, sub focus, Calvin harris, Hippie Sabotage.

WB- Where can a listener hear your work?

WB What would you tell that 18 year old boy, who just got his laptop and is aspiring to be better?

“…just produce every day.”

After all the questions were answered and the interview was done I took it upon myself to sit back and listen to *EleArt* again. This time with a deeper understanding I had a even greater musical experience and I appreciated the sounds pouring into my ears as more then just notes drums or pads. I heard emotions and I understood exactly what they meant, It wasn’t just music, it was a vision, it was EleArt.

Eleart-Waldo B


*Party Fashion* EDM vs. Hip-Hop (Men’s Fashion)

Its becoming more and more evident that with the ever changing climate in the music scene that dressing for occasions is more difficult then ever before.

With music blending cultures and breaking down barriers what once  was taboo is now more widely accepted from a fashion standpoint between the urban club scene and Rave community.

Below are images from two websites that each cater to specific styles.  One website is completely Urban, while the other is completely for the EDM Scene.

Take a look and see if you can spot the differences between the two fashion styles or if the fashion division that once made our cultures so separate has blended so close we can no longer tell them apart.

Rave or club

The above image is the design on a Men’s T-Shirt going for the asking price of $29.99 Is this EDM wear or  Hiphop gear?




The Next Design brandishes the face of childhood television star Alfonso Ribeiro portraying his role of Carlton. Care to guess what type of fashion this is?  Oh and did I forget to mention a little secret Will Smith is a Hiphop Artist. Hmmm what do you think?




The Next Picture is A given essentially in the Photo it features an actual rave in the background but I chose this picture because it could quite easily be featured in a hip-hop atmosphere with the right jeans and kicks.  To me this showcases how much fashion is shifting in American Society.



This Final Picture is another beautiful depiction of what I mean by the lines being blurred in the fashion world 20 years ago a b-boy and a raver side by side would look like they came from two different worlds. Yet nowadays the clothes we all wear are so similar that we are connected through fashion and to me that showcases the beauty and power of 21st century music.


1. Hip-hop Clothing design.

2.EDM Wear

3. EMD wear

4. Hiphop Clothing


How did you do?

Did you guess right?

Well either way you get the point.

If you liked any of the outfits all clothing and designs are available at these two websites below.



-Waldo B.

*New* Nicki Track will drive you Crazy this Summer!!! … And I Still Love it!!

If you haven’t yet heard the newest piece from  4 time Gammy Nominated Artist Nicki Minaj you are in for a treat.

It’s highly repetitive and will be surely stuck in your head and over played on the radio this summer but I still love it!

It’s Called “Pills and Potions” and I know EDM Producers are gonna have a field day remixing this!!

Check it out for yourself down below!!!

-Waldo B.

Why Girls Be Bull$hittin in the Club… & How To Overcome!!!

“Shake Shake Shhh Shhh Shake that ass girl,

Drop it low and pick it up slow,

Clap Clap Clap that….. Well you get the Idea!


Those are words heard all too often in the club if you are in the demographic of 16 to 32. Its a known fact that the outlook of dancing has shifted drastically from what it used to be.

The idea of two people dancing face to face and getting to know each other while music was playing has been long gone for the better part of 30 years.

The classic scenes in films where the guy faces the girl and gives her respect before asking for a dance is long gone.

The Outlook now is for a guy to walk up grind his waistline on a girl and she should Bend over and pop that booty for a real nigga preferably on a handstand….!!!



Ok maybe that’s a little drastic but all the same the main focus at a party has changed to these 5 things.

A. To get drunk

B. To get high

C. Dance

D.Find someone to get it in with for the Night!

E. All the Above

This leaves females open for a lot of excuses for why they don’t want to dance with you or twerk it like Miley in the club!

After hosting over 100 parties from all different ethnic backgrounds I’ve broken down my 3 main reasons for “Why girls be Bullshittin (i.e. Not trying to dance) in the Club!”

1.Too Cute To Dance or “2C2D” 

This concept originates actually from the male perspective, as men just like in the wild we are drawn to the most attractive females. With that  being a truth a high amount of pressure to be attractive at all times while at the club is placed on a woman. In doing that getting sweaty and bending over in 4 inch heels in a pencil skirt isn’t on most girls itinerary. Which ultimately leaves girl with a formidable bullshit excuse for why she doesn’t wanna dance and guys looking for ways around it.

*How to Combat – With this issue there is only one true way to negate being left to the way side as a guy and that’s by trying to spend time talking to her. If the club has a bar sit with her nurse a drink and attempt to connect in some small way and make her feel more comfortable. Of course this is all predicated on some minor sense of attraction but after that foundation is established move in for the kill and get your dance I warn you she probably wont arch her back or have her booty sweep the floor but a nice dance with a pretty girl is its own reward.

2.Begrudging Friends

Ever start to walk up to a girl and before you even reach her on the dance floor she starts to walk away? The reason for this little bullshit moment is because you have been what i have dubbed “Dance Dissed”. Usually a group of girls at parties are each others “Dance Dissettes” but sometimes on rare cases a girl will even use a gay male friend. The premise of the “Dance Dissette” is to protect each girl from dancing with an ugly or unworthy guy. Sometimes this can even be abused and no guys at all will be danced with because one of the girls will “OD” (Over-Diss) in one night.

*How to Combat – This is surprisingly difficult to overcome but with practice one can master the “Dance Dissette”  Bullshit tactic and use it to his advantage. The common Approach of coming up to a girl from behind is where this female bullshit tactic is most strong that’s because all it takes is a head nod “No” or BUG eyes Symbolizing “O ,Hell No” in order for her to bullshit her way from potentially giving you a dance.

In order for any guy to overcome this bullshit tactic you need to take a page out of the gentleman’s handbook

Step 1 Instead of approaching the girl you want to dance with approach her “DD” (Dance Dissette)

(By doing this you activate the target girl as a “DD”)

Step 2 Unbeknownst to your target girl your  going to tell the friend you approached that you simply wish to cut in and dance with the target girl.

(Doing this surprises the initial DD and 9/10 she will fold and say yes. (Uncomfortably but yes none the less)

Step 3 Approach your target female, now with no “DD” to thwart you and claim your hard-earned dance.

3. She Can’t Dance / I’m too tired

These are the two Biggest Bullshit Tactics I have come across in my over ten years partying up in down the east coast. A Girl will attempt to spare your feelings or appease your ego by explaining that she is unable to dance well or is too tired from dancing so she’d rather not. This ploy is the worst and is easily seen as bullshit by any guy as soon as its said or used. For those few guys that don’t get the hint and are really fixated on this girl the approach of persistently asking her to dance throughout the night will only give you a “PITY DANCE” at best and follow by ridicule from said female and her friends.

*How to Combat –  I suggest you just leave her alone honestly the best offense in this one is a strong defense. If you can for this method of combating the bullshit, lets pretend you are the red ball and she is the kid. What I mean by that is you have to make it seem like she made a mistake for not giving you the opportunity to dance with her when you first asked. This requires you to use either your skills in dancing with other females or in the crowd, Your Access to money at the bar, or your influences within the club by its lower level employees. Either way the outcome in this bullshit tactic is normally the same she just doesn’t want to dance with you so grow a pair and move on.

In the End the Reason Why Women Bullshit in the Club is because males can’t handle being told no without becoming irate and disrespectful. Also it’s because woman find it easier telling a white lie then being cold and heartless to a complete stranger. Yet to me I feel it’s a never-ending cycle and as long as woman bullshit men will always be disrespectful.

Only when we reach a point of pure honesty and acceptance of honesty will we ever be able to come up to a girl and have no bullshit tactics required when we dance either someone will say yes or someone will say no but either way both people will walk away gracious of the honesty that was just shared with them. So I challenge my readers male and female alike next time you’re at the party, Ladies if you don’t want to dance tell him no and if he asks why politely say I don’t find you attractive. Men when you go up to a girl and attempt to get a dance and she tells you no smile and say thank you for keeping it real.

I know you won’t do this but dammit that’s the only way to Overcome this bullshit.”



Is Sunday Funday… Still Fun?


For the Better part of my 3 years attending Deer Park It has been a well known Newark Delaware ritual to attend the locally famed Deer park Tavern for what is simply called “Sunday Funday”.

The Night consists of cheap drinks a plethora of individuals and Music by local band corduroy.


The formula for years has worked and by all appearances still is, yet upon my observation of the last few sundays the swarming crowds of people are growing weary of the same old porridge so to speak being served every Sunday.

Being the Party Starter I feel it is my duty to see how or what could turn this once popping place on a Sunday night back to its previous form. So I assessed the crowd and asked 12 people what they thought of the nights festivities,  out of all 12 only 3 said they enjoyed their night.

The reasons ranged from being too crowded, to music not being to there liking and lastly one person said they weren’t drunk enough.

My follow up question though is what makes this article even worth writing about and that is “…Then why are you here?” As simple as the question was the answers i got was even simpler…


Its crazy to think that as a community we have no other option for entertainment on a Sunday night but truthfully they are right. It is Without a doubt “Sunday Funday is the best place to go on a Sunday evening in the New Castle County Area. Which leads me to believe that even when the porridge may be old, Old porridge is better then No porridge at all.

Yet I wonder, am I just a hater?  I want to know, am I the only one who feels this way or is there any possibility in the eyes of the patrons that “Sunday Funday” could use a face-lift. Its no surprise that deer park mixes it up some nights, like for instance on Thursday night they incorporate a DJ with live music with DJ Andrew Hugh. If this is possible on a Thursday why is it not for a hometown favorite night like Sunday.

The bottom line is how long is the shelf life on Sunday Funday? And is it time to start incorporating different things to ensure Sunday Funday’s longevity in a ever changing demographic? Either way one thing is for sure next Sunday Just like every other  local bar crawlin, party going, chorduroy lovin delaware resident I will be right there at Deer Park’s doors ready for my porridge!

porridge -Waldo B.

Where to Eat After a Wild Night!!!


Where to Eat After a Wild Night!!!

Honestly the best part of the night for some people is the “let out” its the moment where guys get to see the girl they’ve been dancing with all night in clear light and make their final attempts at procuring a number or “smashing”. Yet in Newark, Delaware there is also another reason why people enjoy the let out and that’s to get some delicious food. On Main Street the spots that reign’s Supreme is Margheritas. Nevermind the fact that the sell that traditional handtossed  New York Style Pizza or the fact that they stay open till 3am during the weekends. The reason why these guys are the town favorites is because the people are real pizza guys. Grottos has those students that really dont wanna serve you peace of pizza is just not that good but Margherita’s they shut it down almost to the point where if you arrive there at 1:30 am on a saturday the line is out the door! Next time your in Newark Delaware take a minute grab a coke and slice and tell them WalDo Black Sent you!

Lil durk ft Young Thug “Party” Hot or Not?

As the Party Starter I spend hours Searching for the hottest songs of any and all genres. That being said I stumbled onto this track recently while attending a basement party in Maryland and it got mixed reviews I’m interested into seeing what other people think! Check it out! Let me know

As Summer Fast Approaches…

Check out my Single Its being re-released after some legal issues when the song was first created, but nevertheless still it is a polished Gem!!! Click Play, Listen, Share, Comment!