Where to Eat After a Wild Night!!!


Where to Eat After a Wild Night!!!

Honestly the best part of the night for some people is the “let out” its the moment where guys get to see the girl they’ve been dancing with all night in clear light and make their final attempts at procuring a number or “smashing”. Yet in Newark, Delaware there is also another reason why people enjoy the let out and that’s to get some delicious food. On Main Street the spots that reign’s Supreme is Margheritas. Nevermind the fact that the sell that traditional handtossed  New York Style Pizza or the fact that they stay open till 3am during the weekends. The reason why these guys are the town favorites is because the people are real pizza guys. Grottos has those students that really dont wanna serve you peace of pizza is just not that good but Margherita’s they shut it down almost to the point where if you arrive there at 1:30 am on a saturday the line is out the door! Next time your in Newark Delaware take a minute grab a coke and slice and tell them WalDo Black Sent you!



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