Interview with EDM Producer *EleArt* (A Visionary is Born!)


In the Music world today you can’t turn on a radio station without hearing a hit song with major EDM influences. Much like the NBA in any genre of music there is a pecking order. In EDM there are the Pros (e.g. Avicii, Calvin Harris, Tiesto) and then they have College players (e.g. Diplo, Yellow Claw, Caked up) who in america all control the pace and direction of where the music scene goes and how it sounds.

Yet every ever so often you have a chance to come across something unique. Like watching Kobe Bryant playing high school basketball or Tiger Woods as a teenager playing golf, even though they aren’t pros they play with a level of skill that makes it obvious to everyone they got something special.

*EleArt* Has something Special.

Ross Gibson better known by his stage name Eleart which comes from the elvish definition meaning Visionary (“Elear”) is a  22 year old Edm producer who hails from Glasgow, Scotland.  As the Infamous Party Starter I took on the task of seeing what ticks in the mind of an aspiring EDM Musician and tried to understand the person beyond the talents that we hear so often blaring out the speakers of our nightclubs and  car stereos.

I was quick to discover that 808’s and Drops aren’t what makes EDM interesting to EleArt as I asked questions about his music and origin as a artist I began to realize his creative ability stems from a more introverted connection he has with his music.

Waldo Black = WB / EleArt = E

WB- How did your EDM Journey begin and what do you think of the state of current EDM?

He explained; “As a kid growing up I lived in a village there was nothing but fields [and] I rarely got to go out into the city and socialize…” “..for me [EDM] is more like [my] diary where i can portray my thoughts and emotions…” “[I] bought my first production laptop at the age of 18 and ever since I’ve been trying to perfect my own unique styles of different sub genres of EDM.”  [Currently] ” I hate the fact that EDM [or] any genre of music is all now so commercialized and mislead[ing]. There’s no true meaning behind music unless its unsigned or no ones heard of the artist.”

At first glance I took his words harshly and it came off slightly cocky so I needed to know what is this guy about, why is he making music.         To be honest the answer was shocking and I gained more respect for him as a artist.

WB- What is your goal in music?

E-  “my goal with music isn’t really about getting noticed or being famous I mean not that I don’t like meeting new people but to be a superstar international DJ/Producer that everyone knows and approaches on the street isn’t really me.”  He Continued;  I’ve never been one for the spotlight, All I ask is for people to appreciate and relate to my music….” “…In my eyes i guess all i want is for someone to listen.”

Interestingly enough It takes a lot for a aspiring musician to be humble and real. I appreciated his honesty and even gained insight about how in my own music endeavors I could learn a hing or two from this EDM artist ideology.

WB- Who are the influences in your Music?

E- “my influences? [Hahahah] I mean I can’t really say I have influences cause I [try not] to be like anyone else…” “…there are a select few artists I really appreciate though for instance: disclosure, Duke Dumont, Mark Ronson, Kygo, London grammar, M83, Martin Solveig, Passion pit,route 94, sub focus, Calvin harris, Hippie Sabotage.

WB- Where can a listener hear your work?

WB What would you tell that 18 year old boy, who just got his laptop and is aspiring to be better?

“…just produce every day.”

After all the questions were answered and the interview was done I took it upon myself to sit back and listen to *EleArt* again. This time with a deeper understanding I had a even greater musical experience and I appreciated the sounds pouring into my ears as more then just notes drums or pads. I heard emotions and I understood exactly what they meant, It wasn’t just music, it was a vision, it was EleArt.

Eleart-Waldo B



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