Confused, Distraught, and Shia Labeouf – NEW Sia Music Video

So January 7th was just another Wednesday like any other and then out of nowhere was the release of the new Sia Video for Elastic Heart!!!! This is the follow up to Sia’s 4 Time Grammy Nominated track “Chandelier” and yet again she delivers a polarizing visual to accompany her music with the help of young dance talent Maddie Ziegler. Take a look and comment your thoughts on the piece.


2 thoughts on “Confused, Distraught, and Shia Labeouf – NEW Sia Music Video

  1. Surprisngly, after hearing so much about this video, I do not understand why people have sexualised Shia and Maddie’s relationship in this video. It is a worry that this is the first place people go instead of considering other possibilities for their relationship

    1. I think it’s the recent connection to the overwhelmingly sexual film “nymphomaniac” that Shia recently acted in that left a tone of sex in the minds of many when viewing this video. I understand both sides of the argument as I too felt a question as to the characters relationship on screen in conjunction with the lyrics of the song. In the end this too shall pass and we will find something more shocking to talk sbout soon enough.

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