The Notebook (A Love for an Unjust Society)

Who can forget the scene of Ryan Gosling having mouth sex with Rachel Mcadams in one of the most passionate scenes in “The Notebook”.

This scene and the film itself was hailed by critics as the best romance film in a long time and this scene in particular even won best kiss. I too was watching this movie and got swept into its sappy love story and sheer images of romance, until I realized I’m a black man.



The Notebook does a brilliant job of keeping the true nature of this love story from coming to light. In every facet of the film its clear that Allie (Rachel Mcadams Character) and  Noah (Ryan Gosling) Don’t care about Black People.

Civil rights protestors are attacked with a water cannon.

Let us not forget that the entire shape of our country was in a state of civil injustice and racial discrimination. Not only towards Blacks but all races. At no point though do we see either character take  a position on the social climate of our country. Its like the director pretended for this film that the entire civil rights movement didn’t even take place and for that matter that black people must be all but extinct seeing that the only black person I remember from the film was the Nurse played by Starletta Dupois.


If your of the opinion that maybe I took an abstract approach while watching the film well then your damn right!!! I’m tired of hollywood making love stories that perpetuate love to be this grand and amazing experience where we can enjoy one person and turn a blind eye to what happens in the world. I believe the notebook is a contribution to the major issues women feel when they are trying to attain a Love that is like the one on-screen.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry that the only part of the film I enjoyed was when the two characters who stood by and did nothing to help end the injustice in our society Died.


I’m not looking to ruffle the feathers of people who enjoyed a good love story but if your one who enjoys real love and real happiness not Hollywood force-fed crap. Then ponder for a second how great it would have been if for a scene the film showed Noah (Ryan gosling) building a house for a Struggling Black family looking for refuge from racist KKK Members attempting to lynch them Or Allie (Rachel Mcadams) Taking some of the money she has since she was born into a wealthy family to buy books for negro schools that couldn’t afford supplies to teach the children. I mean that to me is the epitome of a love story I would hope everyone could get behind. FUCK KISSING IN THE RAIN!!! Maybe I’m asking for too much or maybe I’m the only person who sees the fuckery that hollywood tries to pull to make millions. Or Maybe I’m just dreaming.



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