“No longer Sap da Beat Man?” The Complete Review of W.A.W.A


There is something to be said for a young man working hard and forging a way from pure grit and tenacity. This is his most recent attempt to cross over from producer to rapper entitled W.A.W.A. (When are we Afraid)  Sap is regarded as one of the few individuals in the Delaware music scene to have “made it”. His production has been heard on airways and inside clubs all over the country and most notably you can listen to one of his latest sounds being the background for Meek Mills New song “Bboy”  (video below)

Yet that’s not why your hear so let’s get into it “The Full Breakdown”

The Good
When your listening to the sounds of this project each track is very cleanly engineered. I love the style in which the vocals are presented consistently throughout the project. Whether it is the more hard-hitting beat of the track “Decisions” or the softer melodic piece of “Last Year” Each flow used fits the styling of the production quite well and the sounds behind them don’t over power.

Also Sap does a good job presenting a sound that isn’t catering to the local tri-state area. A lot of Tri-State rappers tend to mimic stylings of the local area like how Quilly at times may sound a bit like other Philly rappers or how bobby dimes rhyme style tends to lean towards a Shizz Nitty sound. What SAP does here is pave a unique sound that almost completely sets him apart from the local area.

Lastly Sap does a good job in keeping the project 5  tracks there is no better way to set yourself apart from the average everyday rapper than by releasing a EP. Mixtapes are  great but when your trying to set a tone for a market you need to be taken seriously and an EP is a great way to do that. 5 tracks was the right amount of helping to not overwhelm a listener and keep them engaged  enough for a possible album release.

The Bad

We all know every song isn’t for every listener and I’m still not sure who is the target listener for SAP’s brand of music. I feel this release was a “musical soda” that just quite lost its fizz and pop. We are in an instant gratification world where 6 second videos are all the rage and the average attention span of a person is comparable to a goldfish.

With that being said why is it none of these tracks pushed the envelope or reshaped the landscape in any way. I feel SAP took the How to be a rapper handbook and just followed the cookie cutter rhyming styles and flows matched it with some good beats and released it. Aside from “Last year” I also felt like the SAP story  isn’t really explained. Not to mention at some point I felt he was trying to convince the listener his flow was hotter than it really was by constantly using lines reminding the listener your flow is hot I kinda start to question if it really is.

5 Tracks later I didn’t feel like I went on a Musical Journey nor did I feel like my Hood was Represented to its fullest capabilities. It was a good try for an ok rapper and yet a dope producer, but for me the feeling I got from WAWA is that maybe I need to hit a wawa  before another listen through.

The Rating

2.7/out of 5

Elevator Pitch – “Come for the beats. Stay because it wont take that long.”

Hiphop influences

Hardcore rap influences

Consistent rhythmic Patterns

Lack of R&B influences

Lack of Electronica influences

Syncopated beats

Clean dry recording sound

Club rap influences

upbeat lyrics

Lacked in high level Storytelling

Project Focus Not clearly discernible


New Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson “Trouble”

The Next steps for Iggy this year will be crucial after being one of the most dominating artist last year a lot of pressure is on her to follow up strong. On this track she calls in support from vocal powerhouse Jennifer Hudson. I’m saving my opinion until I hear it a little more but as for right now she seems to be moving at a nice pace and in the right direction from a sonic standpoint. Take a listen!

Kildare’s – “Don’t Care about Town people?”


If you have ever been in Newark Delaware at night you will quickly learn that your nightlife options are limited.  Yet one place in particular that has become well received and liked by the community is Kildare’s Newark. This is a bar that sits above Grottos pizza near the end of main street and fills the community with a near authentic irish experience. (At least that’s the gimmick)

In reality it is a small business that perpetuates the methodology of business being all about Location, Location, Location, and by doing so they mainly rely on random hordes of ever-changing college youth to attend and drink an overwhelming amount of alcohol just to keep on their lights

I for one am all for sexy college girls coming to a bar and dancing all night but an issue starts to arise when a red-blooded Irish (African, Caribbean and a whole heap of other nationalities) american like myself has to pay 5 bucks and a non-irish, non Delawarean, non Newark community loving UD student gets free entry. (Dafuq)


I challenge Kildare’s to find a better recourse to ensure the doors stay open then by punishing the members of this great comminuty that already couldn’t afford to attended the prestigious University of Delaware but now after work long hours for meager wages they are forced to have the proverbial salt added to their wounds by being charged five dollars to enter their beloved bar in their own community.

I don’t know about you guys but to me that’s not fair.

New Kanye West Song “Wolves” ft Sia / The Yeezy Season 1 Adidas Original Fashion Promotional Video

There’s a lack of creativity in every field because people are afraid. – Kanye West

Adidas and Kanye West Present The Yeezy Season 1 a collection of apparel and footwear that cherishes universality and timelessness. Described by West as the world’s first “solutions-based” clothing line, the individual pieces define a style that matches the relentless pace of contemporary lives.

I will definitely be buying will you? The Song “Wolves” ft Sia Starts at 8:28 if you just want to hear the music!!! But the Whole Show is interesting and even has baby North West Crying in the background at times.

Kanye West!!! The Full Interview on why he almost spoke out at the Grammy’s!!!

Unless you lived under a rock you have heard about Kanye’s almost reincarnation of the infamous Taylor Swift moment. Well here is the interview on why that did and didn’t happen and details on a possible Kanye and Swift Collaboration.

Good Music I know you haven’t Heard!! (Laura Welsh)

Laura Welsh is a singer-songwriter from Staffordshire, UK based in London. This track is off her new album release “Soft Control”. With smooth vocals and John Legend you can’t go wrong!! I definitely will be adding this to my playlist and you should too.



New Jessie Ware Video (Hot or Not)

I’ve been checking up on Jessie Ware for quite some types I feel she is definitely one of the most underrated artist in the game.  Here is her Latest Visuals to the song “Champagne Kisses”  The Question is, is it Hot or Not?!!!!

Are we almost done with DJ Mustard sounding Beats (It’s Getting Old) Or Nah?

Yesterday the New “Ty-brown” (My name for the Combination of Tyga and Chris brown) Video Dropped and honestly it seems like they aren’t even trying anymore the track lacks ambition and the video screams we don’t care if you know we don’t care that are music sucks. Overall its a C+ Concept and a D+ Video Idea Yet I assure you once again it will be a hit.