Best Ad of the Superbowl (It took me awhile but I love the Nationwide Commercial!)

Now I know its hard to understand but I get it. The topic is something we never want to look at and never want to deal with but I feel we needed to see it. My honest opinion was that it was the best ad because it was the equivalent of a Kanye west moment during the super bowl.

Ima Let you Finish this Game But Here’s a Ad about a Dead Kid to shake you to your core!


Yes it sucked seeing a Dead Kid on the Night of the super bowl that’s the point we don’t get to choose when we have to deal with something as serious as an accidental death it just happens that way. So bravo Nationwide I appreciate what you did! #MakesafeHappen

“Everybody feel a way about K but at least you feel something!”  -Kanye West


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