Kildare’s – “Don’t Care about Town people?”


If you have ever been in Newark Delaware at night you will quickly learn that your nightlife options are limited.  Yet one place in particular that has become well received and liked by the community is Kildare’s Newark. This is a bar that sits above Grottos pizza near the end of main street and fills the community with a near authentic irish experience. (At least that’s the gimmick)

In reality it is a small business that perpetuates the methodology of business being all about Location, Location, Location, and by doing so they mainly rely on random hordes of ever-changing college youth to attend and drink an overwhelming amount of alcohol just to keep on their lights

I for one am all for sexy college girls coming to a bar and dancing all night but an issue starts to arise when a red-blooded Irish (African, Caribbean and a whole heap of other nationalities) american like myself has to pay 5 bucks and a non-irish, non Delawarean, non Newark community loving UD student gets free entry. (Dafuq)


I challenge Kildare’s to find a better recourse to ensure the doors stay open then by punishing the members of this great comminuty that already couldn’t afford to attended the prestigious University of Delaware but now after work long hours for meager wages they are forced to have the proverbial salt added to their wounds by being charged five dollars to enter their beloved bar in their own community.

I don’t know about you guys but to me that’s not fair.


Is Sunday Funday… Still Fun?


For the Better part of my 3 years attending Deer Park It has been a well known Newark Delaware ritual to attend the locally famed Deer park Tavern for what is simply called “Sunday Funday”.

The Night consists of cheap drinks a plethora of individuals and Music by local band corduroy.


The formula for years has worked and by all appearances still is, yet upon my observation of the last few sundays the swarming crowds of people are growing weary of the same old porridge so to speak being served every Sunday.

Being the Party Starter I feel it is my duty to see how or what could turn this once popping place on a Sunday night back to its previous form. So I assessed the crowd and asked 12 people what they thought of the nights festivities,  out of all 12 only 3 said they enjoyed their night.

The reasons ranged from being too crowded, to music not being to there liking and lastly one person said they weren’t drunk enough.

My follow up question though is what makes this article even worth writing about and that is “…Then why are you here?” As simple as the question was the answers i got was even simpler…


Its crazy to think that as a community we have no other option for entertainment on a Sunday night but truthfully they are right. It is Without a doubt “Sunday Funday is the best place to go on a Sunday evening in the New Castle County Area. Which leads me to believe that even when the porridge may be old, Old porridge is better then No porridge at all.

Yet I wonder, am I just a hater?  I want to know, am I the only one who feels this way or is there any possibility in the eyes of the patrons that “Sunday Funday” could use a face-lift. Its no surprise that deer park mixes it up some nights, like for instance on Thursday night they incorporate a DJ with live music with DJ Andrew Hugh. If this is possible on a Thursday why is it not for a hometown favorite night like Sunday.

The bottom line is how long is the shelf life on Sunday Funday? And is it time to start incorporating different things to ensure Sunday Funday’s longevity in a ever changing demographic? Either way one thing is for sure next Sunday Just like every other  local bar crawlin, party going, chorduroy lovin delaware resident I will be right there at Deer Park’s doors ready for my porridge!

porridge -Waldo B.