*Party Fashion* EDM vs. Hip-Hop (Men’s Fashion)

Its becoming more and more evident that with the ever changing climate in the music scene that dressing for occasions is more difficult then ever before.

With music blending cultures and breaking down barriers what once  was taboo is now more widely accepted from a fashion standpoint between the urban club scene and Rave community.

Below are images from two websites that each cater to specific styles.  One website is completely Urban, while the other is completely for the EDM Scene.

Take a look and see if you can spot the differences between the two fashion styles or if the fashion division that once made our cultures so separate has blended so close we can no longer tell them apart.

Rave or club

The above image is the design on a Men’s T-Shirt going for the asking price of $29.99 Is this EDM wear or  Hiphop gear?




The Next Design brandishes the face of childhood television star Alfonso Ribeiro portraying his role of Carlton. Care to guess what type of fashion this is?  Oh and did I forget to mention a little secret Will Smith is a Hiphop Artist. Hmmm what do you think?




The Next Picture is A given essentially in the Photo it features an actual rave in the background but I chose this picture because it could quite easily be featured in a hip-hop atmosphere with the right jeans and kicks.  To me this showcases how much fashion is shifting in American Society.



This Final Picture is another beautiful depiction of what I mean by the lines being blurred in the fashion world 20 years ago a b-boy and a raver side by side would look like they came from two different worlds. Yet nowadays the clothes we all wear are so similar that we are connected through fashion and to me that showcases the beauty and power of 21st century music.


1. Hip-hop Clothing design.

2.EDM Wear

3. EMD wear

4. Hiphop Clothing


How did you do?

Did you guess right?

Well either way you get the point.

If you liked any of the outfits all clothing and designs are available at these two websites below.




-Waldo B.


Where to Eat After a Wild Night!!!


Where to Eat After a Wild Night!!!

Honestly the best part of the night for some people is the “let out” its the moment where guys get to see the girl they’ve been dancing with all night in clear light and make their final attempts at procuring a number or “smashing”. Yet in Newark, Delaware there is also another reason why people enjoy the let out and that’s to get some delicious food. On Main Street the spots that reign’s Supreme is Margheritas. Nevermind the fact that the sell that traditional handtossed  New York Style Pizza or the fact that they stay open till 3am during the weekends. The reason why these guys are the town favorites is because the people are real pizza guys. Grottos has those students that really dont wanna serve you peace of pizza is just not that good but Margherita’s they shut it down almost to the point where if you arrive there at 1:30 am on a saturday the line is out the door! Next time your in Newark Delaware take a minute grab a coke and slice and tell them WalDo Black Sent you!