My new song is gaining headway and may get featured on TV!

Things are still being iron’d out but its looking really good instead of me postiing whether it happens or not Id rather just embrace the excitement of this moment and share the song with you. Thank you for your support!


New *Ester Dean* Track Calls out those Twerk Team Captains!!!

ester dean

A few years ago Ester Dean Dropped a Smash hit featuring Chris Brown entitled “Drop it Low”  and it took the internet and club scene by storm. If you didnt know the song just catch a glimpse of the well known Twerk Team Twerking to it in the video below.

This time around Ester Dean attempts to recapture the twerk feel but this time she sports a more gritty song style and almost bites a “Knuck if you Buck” feel. I’m really interested in seeing how this song does with the current climate of music. I’m not sure if I like it yet but if Twerk Team does a video of it, lets just say it may be in this songs best interest.

Hear the new track below. Let me know what you think.

-WalDo B.

*New* Nicki Track will drive you Crazy this Summer!!! … And I Still Love it!!

If you haven’t yet heard the newest piece from  4 time Gammy Nominated Artist Nicki Minaj you are in for a treat.

It’s highly repetitive and will be surely stuck in your head and over played on the radio this summer but I still love it!

It’s Called “Pills and Potions” and I know EDM Producers are gonna have a field day remixing this!!

Check it out for yourself down below!!!

-Waldo B.

Lil durk ft Young Thug “Party” Hot or Not?

As the Party Starter I spend hours Searching for the hottest songs of any and all genres. That being said I stumbled onto this track recently while attending a basement party in Maryland and it got mixed reviews I’m interested into seeing what other people think! Check it out! Let me know

As Summer Fast Approaches…

Check out my Single Its being re-released after some legal issues when the song was first created, but nevertheless still it is a polished Gem!!! Click Play, Listen, Share, Comment!