Monday Morning Meme – Like vs Love

The reality is I’m worried about the state of love in our society! My belief is that the more we choose to have like’s we lose out on love! I need you to love yourself and not worry about being liked!!!!


Why Girls Be Bull$hittin in the Club… & How To Overcome!!!

“Shake Shake Shhh Shhh Shake that ass girl,

Drop it low and pick it up slow,

Clap Clap Clap that….. Well you get the Idea!


Those are words heard all too often in the club if you are in the demographic of 16 to 32. Its a known fact that the outlook of dancing has shifted drastically from what it used to be.

The idea of two people dancing face to face and getting to know each other while music was playing has been long gone for the better part of 30 years.

The classic scenes in films where the guy faces the girl and gives her respect before asking for a dance is long gone.

The Outlook now is for a guy to walk up grind his waistline on a girl and she should Bend over and pop that booty for a real nigga preferably on a handstand….!!!



Ok maybe that’s a little drastic but all the same the main focus at a party has changed to these 5 things.

A. To get drunk

B. To get high

C. Dance

D.Find someone to get it in with for the Night!

E. All the Above

This leaves females open for a lot of excuses for why they don’t want to dance with you or twerk it like Miley in the club!

After hosting over 100 parties from all different ethnic backgrounds I’ve broken down my 3 main reasons for “Why girls be Bullshittin (i.e. Not trying to dance) in the Club!”

1.Too Cute To Dance or “2C2D” 

This concept originates actually from the male perspective, as men just like in the wild we are drawn to the most attractive females. With that  being a truth a high amount of pressure to be attractive at all times while at the club is placed on a woman. In doing that getting sweaty and bending over in 4 inch heels in a pencil skirt isn’t on most girls itinerary. Which ultimately leaves girl with a formidable bullshit excuse for why she doesn’t wanna dance and guys looking for ways around it.

*How to Combat – With this issue there is only one true way to negate being left to the way side as a guy and that’s by trying to spend time talking to her. If the club has a bar sit with her nurse a drink and attempt to connect in some small way and make her feel more comfortable. Of course this is all predicated on some minor sense of attraction but after that foundation is established move in for the kill and get your dance I warn you she probably wont arch her back or have her booty sweep the floor but a nice dance with a pretty girl is its own reward.

2.Begrudging Friends

Ever start to walk up to a girl and before you even reach her on the dance floor she starts to walk away? The reason for this little bullshit moment is because you have been what i have dubbed “Dance Dissed”. Usually a group of girls at parties are each others “Dance Dissettes” but sometimes on rare cases a girl will even use a gay male friend. The premise of the “Dance Dissette” is to protect each girl from dancing with an ugly or unworthy guy. Sometimes this can even be abused and no guys at all will be danced with because one of the girls will “OD” (Over-Diss) in one night.

*How to Combat – This is surprisingly difficult to overcome but with practice one can master the “Dance Dissette”  Bullshit tactic and use it to his advantage. The common Approach of coming up to a girl from behind is where this female bullshit tactic is most strong that’s because all it takes is a head nod “No” or BUG eyes Symbolizing “O ,Hell No” in order for her to bullshit her way from potentially giving you a dance.

In order for any guy to overcome this bullshit tactic you need to take a page out of the gentleman’s handbook

Step 1 Instead of approaching the girl you want to dance with approach her “DD” (Dance Dissette)

(By doing this you activate the target girl as a “DD”)

Step 2 Unbeknownst to your target girl your  going to tell the friend you approached that you simply wish to cut in and dance with the target girl.

(Doing this surprises the initial DD and 9/10 she will fold and say yes. (Uncomfortably but yes none the less)

Step 3 Approach your target female, now with no “DD” to thwart you and claim your hard-earned dance.

3. She Can’t Dance / I’m too tired

These are the two Biggest Bullshit Tactics I have come across in my over ten years partying up in down the east coast. A Girl will attempt to spare your feelings or appease your ego by explaining that she is unable to dance well or is too tired from dancing so she’d rather not. This ploy is the worst and is easily seen as bullshit by any guy as soon as its said or used. For those few guys that don’t get the hint and are really fixated on this girl the approach of persistently asking her to dance throughout the night will only give you a “PITY DANCE” at best and follow by ridicule from said female and her friends.

*How to Combat –  I suggest you just leave her alone honestly the best offense in this one is a strong defense. If you can for this method of combating the bullshit, lets pretend you are the red ball and she is the kid. What I mean by that is you have to make it seem like she made a mistake for not giving you the opportunity to dance with her when you first asked. This requires you to use either your skills in dancing with other females or in the crowd, Your Access to money at the bar, or your influences within the club by its lower level employees. Either way the outcome in this bullshit tactic is normally the same she just doesn’t want to dance with you so grow a pair and move on.

In the End the Reason Why Women Bullshit in the Club is because males can’t handle being told no without becoming irate and disrespectful. Also it’s because woman find it easier telling a white lie then being cold and heartless to a complete stranger. Yet to me I feel it’s a never-ending cycle and as long as woman bullshit men will always be disrespectful.

Only when we reach a point of pure honesty and acceptance of honesty will we ever be able to come up to a girl and have no bullshit tactics required when we dance either someone will say yes or someone will say no but either way both people will walk away gracious of the honesty that was just shared with them. So I challenge my readers male and female alike next time you’re at the party, Ladies if you don’t want to dance tell him no and if he asks why politely say I don’t find you attractive. Men when you go up to a girl and attempt to get a dance and she tells you no smile and say thank you for keeping it real.

I know you won’t do this but dammit that’s the only way to Overcome this bullshit.”